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Hola, amigos! Team Tellwell is proud to announce that we are opening a branch in the beautiful mountain town of Xalapa, Mexico! “El Tellwell” is set to open this coming July, and will be our first international expansion! Here’s our video announcement:

Max Kringen, founder and CEO of Tellwell, recently traveled to Mexico supposedly on vacation, but now admits he had been scouting out a spot for international expansion all along.

“I found it to be very good… ‘muy bueno'” he said. “That’s Spanish.”

Unfortunately, the current office space in Mexico is only large enough to accommodate one employee. Max has chosen Noah Kupcho, Tellwell’s lead designer, to head the initiative in Mexico.

“I know how to climb stuff, so just in case the wall is built, I’ll be able to make it back,” said Kupcho, while lifting 180 pounds of weight with his pinky finger. An avid climber, Kupcho claims to have climbed “many large walls in my life.”

El Tellwell will allow us to expand our reach in storytelling, as well as allow us to practice Spanish. Overall, the same values will be the same whether in Fargo or abroad.

“We want it to be very similar to our current branch,” stated Max. “It’s all about branding, branding, branding and consistency. And also transparency.”

In Xalapa, we will continue offering digital marketing services including rebrands, logo design, web design, social strategy, and other content marketing. Early ideas for opening El Tellwell include launching a Sombrero Social, in order to meet the locals and talk about social media.

“We have been wanting to break into new markets for awhile and this seemed like the ‘perfecto’ next step,” Max said, emphasizing the word ‘perfecto. “All of us here on the team are — ‘muy bonita,’ — very excited.”

While Max’s Spanish is questionable, it is true — we are all very excited. Thanks for watching our video! Viva Mexico, Viva El Tellwell!


P.S. …. Please check date this blog was published for more information.