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Tell your story with design

The truth is, people likely won’t pay attention to your content if it doesn’t look good. Design steps in like your personal stylist to outfit your brand with colors, look, and a feel that best represents you and resonates with your audience. Like your brand voice, your brand design is interwoven throughout all your marketing materials and brand presence to create a unified, cohesive brand identity that people recognize right away.

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Share your story using graphic design

Storytelling by Design

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Build Your Brand

Introduce your visual brand. 

The first step is to establish your brand design through taking a thoughtful internal look at the Who and Why of your brand. If your brand voice is the words that you speak, your brand design is the clothes that you wear. What do you want your appearance to say about you? What is the story you want to tell through your visuals? What shapes and colors best represent your work? As your partner, we guide you through this process with a series discovery sessions. Smart, thoughtful design will stay true to the heart of your organization, while creating a memorable impact on your audience that draws their eye and makes them want to learn more.

Create Awareness

Educate with captivating digital visuals.

Once your brand design is established, it is integrated through every aspect of your branding. To raise awareness, design becomes a crucial part of creating eye-catching, brand-popping social ads, or other advertising platforms. It’s often the design that your audience sees first before they can read the content.

Our designers have worked with countless brands and are trained to understand who you are, and then create stunning visuals from there. Here, we understand that good brand design tells a story — it shows your audience that it’s you the second they see it.

Build Hype

Engage your audience to action.

As you build the hype around your brand, design is what unifies each piece of collateral through creative look, color, and style. This is where we can work together and have some fun experimenting with design that will dazzle your audience! As your partner, our design team works with you to create campaign collateral that tells a story; adding visuals to your video/written content that ties in your unique branding, and designing celebratory social content that stops a scroller in their tracks.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Remind with helpful graphics.

By integrating your design throughout all your digital advertising — social ads, social posts, newsletters, — you are keeping your brand top-of-mind, even if your audience doesn’t click on the ad. By using intentional, on-brand design, your target audience will still have an interaction with your brand by strategic use of your logo placement, color design, and overall look of your content. As your design partner, we ensure that your design is strong enough to make an imprint on your audience, even if you only have one moment of their attention.

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