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Tell your story with web

Your Brand Website, like a stocking cap in a North Dakota winter, is essential to your organization. Picture your website as the storefront to your digital shop; it is a crucial part of representing your brand and showcasing your work. Many times it is the difference between a customer “stepping inside” or walking away.

We’re not a dev team – but we are a design and content partner, and great content is what really powers websites. We design and develop exclusively on WordPress, because it’s built for content and content creators. Just like everyone else, we’ll work to develop great user experiences. What makes us different is our ability to help translate your story in a way that is perfect for your web audience.

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Build Your Brand

Introduce your organization with a brand website. 

The first step in creating a rock solid brand presence online is ensuring your Brand Website accurately represents who you are. A successful website experience ties in all the elements of your brand: your brand colors throughout the design, your brand voice in the copywriting, video and visuals that tell your story — all organized in a way that creates an engaging customer journey.

As your partner, we will establish the key elements of your Brand Build by walking with you through a discovery session, taking the time to understand your brand and your audience, and creating a brand website plan that incorporates each of these elements.

Create Awareness

Educate with helpful web first content.

Now that you’ve laid your brand foundation with the core elements of your website, it’s time to build Web Awareness by creating landing pages. To continue with the storefront analogy, think of landing pages as your digital sales reps, each an expert in their own trade, guiding customers to exactly what they’re looking for. Landing pages are where you can flesh out a key part of the work you do. They usually include elements such as a “Who We Are” page introducing the team; “Services,” to show your customers what you provide and the cost; “Contact Us,” a crucial call to action that drives web visitors into the next step of becoming a customer.

We work with you to create a personalized Brand Web Awareness plan that determines which landing pages make sense for you. We’ll create a cohesive plan for your web that gives your customers the best digital experience possible.

Build Hype

Engage with landing pages.

Every good hype campaign needs a place to come and land on your website in the form of a Campaign Page. A good campaign page acts as the “finish line” for your e-mail and social media marketing campaigns — ideally, this is where your target audience become buying customers. A successful campaign page seamlessly integrates with the rest of your website, maintains the celebratory feeling of the campaign, and leads audiences directly to a strong call-to-action.

As your partner, we work with you to create cohesive campaign plans that include strong customized campaign pages. Each campaign pages incorporates your brand design and brand voice to turn your target market into customers.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Remind your customers you’re on top of things. 

How to keep your website top-of-mind? Well, in addition to driving traffic to your website through regular top-of-mind video and writing content, it’s also crucial to ensure your website is kept up-to-date with accurate information. Your brand may evolve and grow over the course of the year — your website must grow with it. We provide an annual content audit and web refresh to ensure your website is swept, dusted, and squeaky-clean ready for customers at all times.

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