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As with any organization, our people are the lifeblood of Tellwell. It's not easy to get a job here, but it is worth it. Competitive salaries, excellent benefits (especially for a start-up), and unlimited bubbly water and coffee are just the start. Projects that matter and doing good work for good people are really what make Tellwell unique. We do not take on every project that comes through our door; we do however take on the projects that have a story to tell. Don't get us wrong; it's not all sunshine and rainbows (but we do love rainbows) - we run into the same frustrations as any workplace does, but we work through those things rooted in common respect and love for each other and our Tribe.

So - if you read all of that and still want to be here, share an application! Make sure it's filled out thoroughly and do some research on us before applying.

Design Project Manager 

We’re looking for an addition to our design team!

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We're doing our darndest to become the employer of choice in our industry - beyond these benefits, you'll get things like weekly one-on-ones with the CEO, bonuses for social posting, commissions for bringing in new work, and an environment where you're respected, loved, and can build a great career.

Open Vacation + Re: Weeks

We believe in work hard, play hard. As long as you’re getting your work done, go ahead and bounce for a couple of days. We also have two weeks off (between Christmas and New Years, and the week of the 4th of July) for whatever your Re: is – rest, relaxation, recharging.

Summer Hours (All Year Long)

We love summer. Seriously. To celebrate the few months of sunshine we have, we practice summer hours where we close after lunch on Fridays so you can get your tan on early. Don’t get it twisted, we still have to finish our work, but then it’s time to party. *Update – by popular demand, Summer Hours are now all year long!

Pet Adoption Support

We love pets at Tellwell. Have you looked at our social media? You can barely scroll through our posts without being assaulted by photos of cute puppies! We’ll reimburse up to $200 for pet adoption and supplies for a new furry family member.

Equipment + Shiny Things

We’re Apple nerds at Tellwell, so we’ll hook you up with a shiny new Macbook Pro + 27-inch Display so you can keep all the windows open!

Health + Simple IRA

We work with Health Partners to offer a lovely medical benefits package. We pay half of a single plan. We also match dollar for dollar up to 3% of your paycheck towards your Simple IRA through Thrivent Financial. They seem pretty responsible with our money so far.

Snacks, Coffee, + Bubbles

We always keep our cupboards chock full of snacks and things to munch on. The coffee stays flowing from our fancy coffee machine, and the fridge is ALWAYS stocked with sparkling water of all kinds and a steady supply of Diet Coke.

Uber Rides On Tellwell

A small, but fun benefit at Tellwell. We’ll cover your Uber rides. Have one too many at a happy hour? No worries, just grab an Uber home and we’ll take care of the costs. We value the safety of our teammates and friends.

A Fun Environment

For those who know us, it’s no secret – we like to have fun. Volleyball leagues, kickball games, happy hours, team retreats, and everything in between. A fun environment to work in is key for us.