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Welcome to Tellwell’s Weekly Plog (Photo-Blog)!

Stage blood, puppies, and curry all in one week? What??

Check out what Team Tellwell has been up to over the last seven days!

Mindy getting psyched about naan

Super Casual, Super Tasty

Rewinding a bit to last Friday (but it happened AFTER the last plog was published, so I’m counting it as this week), we had some lovely, super-casual Indian cuisine in honor of Katie’s last day.

Fun fact, this was Jordan’s first foray into Indian food! Good news: he loves it!

We are mostly Midwesterners, however. So we ordered medium spice levels.

Well, MOSTLY the medium spice levels. Jordan, Duncan, and I crave a little more heat. If you ever sit down to eat with the team, make sure you’re grabbing from the right curry. Or partake in our many available hot sauces!

Jordan with his first ever plate of Indian food

Pass the Red Food Dye

Another thing that was technically last week but after the plog was written gets a little…”bloody.”

Project manager Emma was in one of the ten-minute plays presented by Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre. In her scene, she has a badly cut arm.

Obviously she wanted to avoid real blood on her arm (hers or otherwise), but she lacked the stash of stage blood that most of us keep in our closets (just me?). 

While the others were at Creative Mornings, some of us got down to business and made a competition out of making stage blood with only ingredients found in the office kitchen.

The competition was fierce, with lead editor Matt and I neck and neck for the prize of best fake blood. Matt approached it from a textural focus, wanting to make sure his dripped and moved like real blood. I focused on the color of mine, not worrying too much that it was runny, but betting on it drying down nicely.

Our judges were Emma (of course, as she’s the one who would be wearing the final product) and cinematographer Jordan, our resident horror-movie specialist.

I promise I am reporting completely without bias or lies when I say I won. While Matt’s concoction moved more like blood thanks to dish soap, my use of tea, peanut butter, and hot cocoa mixed with the red food coloring edged his color out of the competition.

Matt, Jordan, and Emma examining Matt's final submission of stage blood

You can imagine the surprise of the rest of the group when they walked into the scene of Matt and me frantically stirring containers of blood while Emma and Jordan watched. Don’t worry, we cleaned everything up.

The final fake blood (and a Tellwell mug)

You can even see the final product on Emma’s arm during one of the performances!

A view of Emma's stage wound. Text identifies it as a fake wound.

Caution: Barking Ahead!

One of the many perks of working at Tellwell is our love of animals. When you walk into our headquarters, especially in the mornings, you will probably be greeted by barks and wagging tails.

Kevin, Max's pup

Usually, Kevin (who comes in with founder Max) and Otis (who comes in with controller Jon) are ready to announce and greet all guests. They love head scratches and the treats we keep near the front door. Next time you stop by, be sure to say hi to them.

Otis, Jon's pup

That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming February 9th!