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Fargo Video Production.

Reach more customers by sharing your story with custom video. 

Tell your story with film

Video storytelling is the most engaging digital medium today. Using video to its full potential is a powerful way to build your brand, grow brand awareness, build hype around your work, and keep your brand top-of-mind for your audience. As your storytelling partner, we join with you from start-to-finish video creation; starting with listening, understanding your goals for your video, creating a storyboard and/or script, filming, production and editing, and a strategic plan for how to best get your video in front of your target audience.

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Share your story through film

Video Storytelling

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Build Your Brand

with a Brand Video

Every organization needs an establishing Brand Story video. This is that key video that you can share with anyone wondering who you are and what you value. You can also use video to establish your brand by inviting your audience into your brand history. Utilize old photos, old logos, family timelines; take your audience on the journey of what makes you, you.

Create Awareness

with Product & Service Videos

With your Brand Story established, building Brand Awareness is taking the next step in sharing your story. What makes you tick? What’s your niche? Why do you do what you do? Brand awareness videos can include impact stories, product stories, and other anecdotes that help further establish who you are and what you stand for as a brand. We partner with you to identify these stories, and capture them in a way that connects your audience with your brand.

Build Hype

Engage Customers to Action with Video

What better way to hype up your brand than by showcasing all the people who love you? Brand Hype Videos are the ideal way to share customer testimonials and employee stories. Some of the most powerful tools in your brand kit are authentic, beautifully-told stories from those who love your brand/product/service, sharing how it impacted them and made their life better. We work with you to identify these stories and share them across your platforms; whether it’s high-speed internet, real estate, or non-profit service work.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Remind them You Care with Help Videos 

So you’ve established presence, grown awareness, and built some hype — now how do you keep your audience engaged? This is where Top-of-Mind Videos come into play. This content is often short, on-brand pieces that maintain your role as an industry leader, and keep you within your audience’s train of thought. They can be celebratory — a celebration of your organization’s anniversary; educational — quick tips sharing your expertise, bringing value to your audience; or just plain fun — like an April Fool’s day video that shows off some humor. As your partner, we have fun with these videos, with regular brainstorm sessions on how to keep your brand top-of-mind and leading the industry.

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