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Like most good things in life, any active social media strategy requires a plan. Similarly, that plan should be a flexible, living document that allows for change. To achieve this, it’s important to make sure it’s reviewed and adapted on a regular basis.

Internal Review Process: Things to consider

Who reviews it?

Does your organization have a public relations or communications branch? Is there someone dedicated to social? If not, you may want to consider getting a professional agency involved to help out.

How will it integrate into your Communications Plan/Strategy or Strategic Plan of the organization?

Social media should be considered an extremely important tactic in your overall communication and strategic plan. Often, your social channels will be the first place current or prospective customers go to understand what you’re all about. It’s critical to stay on top of what (and how) you share content.

Is there supporting information attached to the document? If so, how is this reviewed?

Are there particular things about your company that need to stay consistent? Brand standards (which may include design, tone, style, etc.) are critical to maintaining consistency as technology and the use of technology changes. Regardless of how you choose to share your company story, who you are and what you stand for should remain clear to your customer.

Got questions or comments? Feel free to share what has worked for your brand in the comments section below.

Feeling overwhelmed? We have a passion for helping companies develop clear, flexible, working social strategy documents to help accomplish your end goal. We’d love to help!