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Social media strategy is achieved with four steps. Each of these have lists and lists of tactics behind them,  but those posts are for another day. Let’s talk basics.

1. Promotion

Having a blog is awesome. Promoting its content is even more awesome, if done well. The list below addresses simple but effective ways for your content distribution strategy.

Some simple ways to start thinking about promotion:

  • Links from your website
  • Share your top posts in newsletters
  • Run a contest that’s only on social
  • Invite guest bloggers
  • Cross promote

2. Engagement

Building engagement is not the easiest thing, especially for a smaller organization. Once people know about your organization, you need to build a connection with followers. Creating a connection is done through a variety of content – ultimately telling your story. Once you engage your community, they’ll begin to engage. They will be more likely to comment, respond, and share your message with their friends and family.

How the heck do you start to make social posts more engaging?

  • Make your post more visual
  • Start a conversation relevant to your audience
  • Cross-promote members of your community
  • Share articles from people you admire
  • Discuss community concerns
  • Talk about local events
  • Include a great call to action

3. Content

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about how content isn’t the only aspect of a social media strategy. However, it is a main component. Understanding your followers and what kind of content they will relate to is the key to building connections and engagement.

Types of content to think about:

  • Funny or Clever Content
  • Thoughtful or Inspirational Content
  • Educational Content
  • Conversational Content
  • Promotional Content

4. Dialogue

Know your organization’s voice on social media and respond to comments, shares, and questions. Keep conversations going and let followers know their ideas are important to you. Be a welcoming voice for them to share with your organization.

Here are some simple ways to start a conversation with your community:

  • Provide or ask for opinion about bigger conversations around your community
  • Be open minded and build off of what people ask and comment
  • Be authentic to your community
  • Show gratitude – your community is more likely to engage if they see you interacting
  • Stay positive! It’s so easy to go negative when responding. Keep it light, keep it positive, and keep it happy.
  • In your opinion…

Do you think there’s anything missing? What other major themes are included in a social media strategy?