The agriculture industry is a large part of North Dakota’s identity. As a team of folks from the region, it’s always a good day when we can get out to open farmland and capture sweeping footage of combines under the prairie sky!

We had the pleasure of partnering with True North Equipment, a John Deere dealership headquartered in Grand Forks, ND, to create a series of videos focused on the people who make up the True North family and why they love what they do.

This first video weaves together five interviews: four employees and True North owner John Oncken. Together, these interviews tell the story of True North, from its humble beginnings in 1897 (complete with old photos and an animated vintage slide projector to convey an old-timey feel), through eras of growth and change, and looking toward the future. 

The video closes with the motto that marks the side of every True North truck: “Solid. Stable. Still.” Because that’s what True North is: solid in its principles, stable in its growth, and still here.