Polar Makes It Possible


While many assume that quality broadband can only be found in major cities, Polar Communications is proving the opposite to be true. We partnered with Polar to create a series of videos highlighting how their quality broadband services and community involvement empower truly amazing stories in the business world—even in rural areas. For this video, “Polar Makes It Possible,” we focus on Polar’s role with two North Dakota businesses: Arthur Companies and Simple Life Pattern Company.

Each company has a story of how Polar “makes it possible” for their business to thrive, and we interviewed Joe Holder, IT Director of Arthur Companies, and Katie Skoog, owner of Simple Life Pattern Company, to help us tell them. Arthur Companies, based in Arthur, ND, relies on quality broadband to connect their equipment, bring in data from the fields, and connect with remote locations. At Simple Life Pattern Company, Polar’s quality broadband services allow Katie to grow her successful e-commerce business while still raising a family in the rural North Dakota town of Edinburg.

We paired Joe and Katie’s interviews with sweeping drone footage to illustrate the small towns they call home, and shots of them at work to demonstrate how Polar’s internet connects them to the rest of the world.

At its heart, this is a story about community (as the best stories usually are). Polar allows Joe, Katie, and many others to do work that they love while enjoying the small-town communities that feel like home. Check it out: