Empowering Mental Health Awareness Through Storytelling

We had the distinct privilege of partnering with M3 to create an impactful video that showcases their vital work within the Moorhead youth hockey community. Our objective was to capture not only the essence of M3’s mission but also the authentic experiences of the individuals whose lives have been touched by their efforts.

M3, a nonprofit organization based in Moorhead, Minnesota, is dedicated to raising mental health awareness, eliminating stigma, and connecting resources. Their work is particularly focused within the Moorhead youth hockey program, where they implement proactive mental health strategies to help young athletes thrive both on and off the ice.

Project Goals:

Highlight the significant impact of M3 on the Moorhead hockey community.

Educates viewers about the importance of mental health through real-life testimonials.

Encourages ongoing conversation and support for mental health within sports.

Process and Execution:

Our team at Tellwell Story Co. embarked on a detailed storytelling journey, starting with in-depth interviews with key M3 members, coaches, and young athletes. These narratives provided a foundation upon which we built the video, ensuring each moment was infused with genuine emotion and powerful insights. Utilizing visually engaging footage of the hockey environment — including practices, games, and community events — our team carefully crafted scenes that both informed and moved viewers. Every shot and sound bite was strategically placed to foster a deeper understanding and empathy towards the young athletes’ experiences.

Outcome and Impact:

The final product was a compelling video that served not only as a testament to the resolve of the Moorhead youth hockey program under M3’s guidance but also as a crucial tool in furthering M3’s mission to foster a supportive mental health culture. Key moments in the video included poignant discussions of personal struggles and triumphs, effectively illustrating the critical need for mental health resources in sports. Since its launch, the video has been instrumental in amplifying M3’s visibility and outreach efforts. It has been shared widely across social media platforms, at fundraising events, and in community gatherings, significantly boosting engagement and support for M3’s initiatives.

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