Northland Navigates New Heights: Showcasing Success in Aerospace Education

When Northland approached our team, they sought to highlight their unique position in the aerospace education sector, focusing on their comprehensive training programs and their notable success in student placement. Recognizing the potential impact of authentic student stories paired with the insights of Northland’s leadership, our team was tasked with creating a compelling video that would encapsulate the essence and value of a Northland education.

The central aim was to portray the expansive opportunities offered by Northland, setting them apart as a leader in aerospace training. By choosing to film on-site and utilizing interviews with key stakeholders, we crafted a narrative that visually and emotionally engaged prospective students and alumni alike.

Our approach involved:

In-depth Interviews: We conducted interviews with a current student and a representative from Northland, ensuring their personal and professional testimonies were heartfelt and persuasive.

Dynamic Visuals: We captured a range of footage showcasing over 30 aircrafts in Northland’s hangars, which visually demonstrated the scale and diversity of their training resources.

Story-Driven Content: We structured the video to narrate a journey – from a child’s dream of flying to a student securing a prestigious position at Boeing, illustrating Northland’s role in turning aspirations into reality.

Continued Partnership:

The success of this project has reinforced Tellwell Story Co.’s commitment to crafting stories that resonate and drive engagement. For Northland Aerospace, the video is more than a promotional tool—it’s a testament to their educational impact and a beacon for future students aiming for the skies in aerospace careers.


At Tellwell Story Co., we are proud to have played a role in broadcasting Northland Aerospace’s commitment to high-quality aerospace education and their contribution to the industry’s workforce. This project stands as a prime example of how effective storytelling can illuminate the core values of our clients and visually translate their contributions to their community and industry.

Outcome and Impact:

The resulting video not only highlighted the breadth of Northland’s offerings but also underscored their exclusive focus on large UA’s maintenance training—a niche that sets them apart nationally. It portrayed the tangible outcomes of their programs, including a 100% placement rate, through the genuine experiences of their students. Most significantly, the video has served as a crucial tool in Northland’s marketing strategy, attracting a wider audience and enhancing enrollment inquiries. Alumni and prospective students have expressed increased enthusiasm and confidence in the value of Northland’s programs, inspired by the shared experiences of the featured student and the host’s insights.

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