Midwest Independent Living Services

Going Beyond Care With Personalized Paths

At the heart of the Midwest lies a beacon of hope and empowerment: Midwest Independent Living Services (MILS). Grounded in the idea that individual support can be uniquely tailored, MILS stands as a testament to the potential that lies within every person. Founded on the principles of personalization, wholehearted dedication, and evolutionary growth, they’ve fostered an environment where everyone is given the chance to flourish in their own way. Their mission goes beyond just providing services; it’s about nurturing growth, fostering relationships, and cultivating a sense of belonging and community.

Recognizing the scope of its vision and the evolution of its mission, MILS sought a digital brand and website that would encapsulate the spirit and breadth of its services. Enter Tellwell Story Co. They saw in us a kindred spirit; a team that understood the importance of intertwining storytelling with mission-driven work. Together, we embarked on a journey to transform their online presence, evolving from a mere landing page to a holistic platform that not only showcases their expansive services in the southwest metro of the Minneapolis area but also captures the stories of growth, independence, and community that lie at the core of MILS.

The newly designed website is not just a testament to MILS’s commitment to the individuals they serve but also an embodiment of their pledge to create lasting impacts in the community. By merging their unwavering dedication with our expertise in storytelling, we believe this collaboration will not only provide a platform for MILS to reach more individuals in need but also inspire many more to join their cause, ensuring everyone enjoys the journey toward independence and growth.

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