BAND: Work Harder & Smarter Campaign


We’ve all heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder.”  But North Dakotans always work hard—we don’t know any other way. Thanks to the Broadband Association of North Dakota and its member companies, North Dakotans can work smarter AND harder: combining the strength of our work ethic with the resources of technology to make our businesses thrive.

The idea for BAND’s “Work Smarter And Harder” campaign was inspired by customer testimonials from member companies within the agriculture industry. As we interacted with these organizations and their customers, a common storyline emerged: these business owners and families are still demonstrating that famous North Dakota can-do work ethic, and with the capabilities of broadband, they’re able to work smarter, too. What we saw here was not an either/or, but an “and.” This became the key messaging for this campaign, and can be seen woven throughout the video narrative, the social posts, blogs, and the graphics.

The Project

BAND’s “Work Smarter and Harder” campaign kicked off with a feature film showcasing three customers from rural North Dakota’s ag industry: Ag Resources Farm Equipment in Maddock, Sandhill Performance Horses in Epping, and Dakota Precision Fabricating in Forman. Thanks to broadband provided by BAND’s member organizations, these businesses are able to do the work they’re passionate about from the small, rural communities they love. 

From this feature film, we produced a 30-second commercial version and three additional cuts to highlight each of the individual businesses. We also wrote and designed three blog posts, one to accompany each video.