Did you know that Max started out designing shirts and pens and all kinds of fun promotional products? Well he did and he did it for a company called Promotional Solutions. So you can imagine how excited he was when we got the chance to help develop a new brand and a BRAND NEW NAME for Promotional Solutions.

Working with Tellwell was just what we needed to execute a successful rebrand. We had been flirting with doing it ourselves for years and could not get past our own creative block. Our core values were not changing, we just wanted a look and feel that better represented the way we go to market with our clients and partners.

Tellwell was able to quickly identify that we care about people and the brands that they are building. So Brandfolk was born and our transition was super smooth. After they developed the name, they created our new visual identity. Finally, they organized, designed, implemented a new online presence for us while we could continue focusing on our client and project list.

The execution was great but the creation of a name and brand that matched up with how we live and work was exactly what we were looking for.

Matt Oye | Brandfolk General Manager



We know that PS was about more than the products created (although those are pretty sweet too). It is about the years of branding expertise they bring to the table, the meaningful relationships they form with their clients, and the powerful stories they help clients tell. 

We wanted to create a name that represents that brand philosophy. Drawing on input we received from them, we held an ideation session and brainstormed a whole host of possible names. We knew they wanted this new name to:

  • Focus on people and experiences, rather than products
  • Elicit an emotional response
  • Stand out from other promotional groups (by avoiding words like “promotional”)
  • Be memorable!

From our extensive list of potential names, one stood out to our team. Introducing, Brandfolk!

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