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Welcome to Tellwell’s Weekly Plog (Photo-Blog)

From plants to planning, old friends to new, this week has been a busy one at Tellwell.

KJ, Emma, and Sandie volunteering at Hope Blooms

Looking back on Katie’s time with Tellwell

No matter how much we love a place and its people, sometimes we need to make a change. For senior content strategist Katie Beedy, the time has come to say goodbye to us at Tellwell.

So, let’s take a look back over the last five years, celebrate Katie, and remind her she is a kickass writer and strategist as she starts a new adventure.

Katie after the first day of a conference in San Diego

“My time at Tellwell has taught me to be insatiably curious. If you ask the right questions, you can find an interesting story to tell about anything. I often remind myself that every project has a human behind it, which means it has a heart—you just might have to dig to find it.” 

Katie was also one of the recipients of the YWCA Women of the Year honor in 2023.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t also mention the 50th Annual YWCA Women of the Year event as a highlight. Yes, being a WOTY recipient was an amazing honor, but my favorite part of the evening was getting to see a film that we had created for the YWCA up on the big screen while surrounded by my teammates.”

 Katie even had some advice for her past self: the Katie who started at Tellwell almost five years ago.

“STOP BEING SO SCARED! You are good at what you do and people want you to succeed. If you have an idea or an opinion, share it. If you want something, ask for it. Speak up. Take up space. Kick imposter syndrome to the curb. Listen carefully to the instructions before attempting to ride a Bird scooter.” 

Finally, she wanted to say one more thing.

“I am just so grateful for the experiences I’ve had, the memories I’ve made, and the relationships I’ve formed in my time with Tellwell. So if you have been a part of my Tellwell journey—as a teammate, a client, an interviewee, or otherwise—thank you.”

And we thank YOU, Katie. We can’t wait to see you spread your wings! You have all of our best wishes.

Katie on a dinner cruise during a conference in San Diego

A bloomin’ good time

Emma, Sandie, and I (KJ) had the opportunity to volunteer for Hope Blooms earlier this week. This nonprofit organization takes donated flowers and repurposes them into gorgeous arrangements. Those arrangements are then delivered to those who need some cheer the most. It can be hard to remember that folks in hospitals, long-term care facilities, or cancer treatment centers need moments of joy, too. By bringing them bright flowers, Hope Blooms changes their lives for the better one bouquet at a time.

Sandie showing off a bouquet she made at Hope Blooms
Some of the flowers waiting to be made in to bouquets at Hope Blooms
A sign that says "Spread Joy & See What Grows" at Hope Blooms

We’re hiring!

Do you have experience writing for film? Do you want to work with a chill crew who creates awesome story-driven content? We might have the job for you! We’re looking for a new video/film content writer.

As a video/film content writer at Tellwell, you’ll be part of our creative team, helping to craft stories through various mediums. Those include leading talent and our team through video and film content, audio narratives including podcasting, and written works.

Getting a job with us isn’t easy, but we do try to make it fun. We know how important stories are, so we focus on not just making sure you have the skills and talent, but the passion too. We also take care of our employees–from unlimited bubbly water and coffee to competitive salaries and benefits packages, we’re here to empower you to do your best work.

Applications close Sunday (Jan. 28), so if you’re interested, check it out now!

While you wait for us to review your application, check out this photo of some of our film crew, who ran into our 2023 film intern Alayna West, while filming this week at MSUM.

Max, Duncan, and 2023 film intern Alayna West at MSUM

Even MORE change is coming

Without giving TOO much away, Tellwell is gearing up for a big change. For now, I’ll let you take a peek at Annie and Max pouring over blueprints. What could they be for, I wonder?

Annie and Max discussing blueprints
Blueprints on our community table
Annie and Max discussing blueprints

Finally, Max, Lucase, Annie, Mindy, and Duncan (with a bonus appearance from Duncan’s wife, Vanessa!) went to Creative Mornings this week.

They got to hear from Justin Morken on the theme of “Rise.” They took away so many nuggets of wisdom related to creating freely, giving generously, and embracing the divine spark that inspires us to be creative.

Ricky from Creative Mornings introducing speaker Justin Morken
Max, Lucas, Annie, Duncan, Mindy, and Vanessa at Creative Mornings

That’s all for this week!

Emma and Otis