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Written Storytelling

The most compelling fiction has shaped generations, the most cutting journalism has inspirited rebellions, and the most effective copywriting has brought in millions of dollars. A finely tuned piece of writing is a powerful tool. At Tellwell, we take great pride in crafting quality written content that is informative, heartfelt, and most importantly, leads to action — whether that’s making a purchase, or starting a movement. That’s up to you.

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Build Your Brand

Introduce your brand. 

The most foundational part writing plays in your brand build is establishing your Brand Voice.
A brand voice should both authentically represent your organization and resonate with your target audience. It should also remain consistent throughout all your marketing materials; video, writing, web copy, e-mails, etc.

Imagine your brand is a person — it can even be helpful to picture someone well-known, like a celebrity — and ask yourself, how do they talk? What words do they choose? How does their language make others feel? As your partner, we guide you through the process of establishing a strong, authentic brand voice through discovery sessions and thought exercises like this one, to ensure your This is your brand voice, and it is an essential part of building a strong brand.

Create Awareness

Educate about why you matter.

With your brand voice established, it’s now time to put it to action by creating engaging written content that brings awareness to your work. Just like every organization needs a key brand story video, a well-written brand story is a must-have in your brand toolkit as well. Our writers use their years of experience to tell your story — by interviewing key voices and understanding your brand voice, we put your story into well-crafted writing that you can share with interested customers, send to media outlets to share your story, and put on your Brand Website to share your story. Written brand story content also creates an opportunity for strategic SEO tactics (that’s for you, Google!), that help you appear more regularly in Search.

Build Hype

Engage by calling to action. 

Now it’s time to celebrate and hype up your brand by showcasing testimonials from people who love you. Customer stories, employee stories, stories of impact, each bring excitement and build trust around your brand by showing how you are making an impact. Writing offers a unique opportunity to create strong SEO and keyword traction online, as well as create content that is easily shareable on social and to media outlets. Our writers combine strategic SEO with heartfelt, compelling writing, to create hype stories that build excitement and traction for your brand.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Remind by sharing helpful content. 

It is likely that most of the content you consume on a daily basis is top-of-mind writing material. Media headlines, e-mail newsletters, social media captions — each of these are an example of writing that keeps a brand at the tip of your tongue. Successful top-of-mind writing brings your brand voice into each piece of content: social, newsletters, magazines, annual messaging to your audience. As your partner, our writers use top-of-mind content that reinforces your brand presence, reminds your audience about why they love you, and maintains your role as a leader in your industry.

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