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Pre-pandemic, a lot of our mornings looked the same. Wake up, scroll Facebook and email. Get the kids ready for school. Then hop into our cars, turn the keys, and roll into the office.

It’s easy to forget about the tech behind our routines. Things just seem to work. Our apps load. Our cars start. We live life.

In the broadband world, though, we know better. We understand the complex tech that powers Facebook scrolling and e-commerce alike.

That’s why campaigns built around customer stories are so powerful. People are able to see behind the scenes and understand how your service makes their lives better.

This idea was the genesis of a year-long campaign we did with Polar Communications called People. Progress. Polar. 

As a trailblazer in the rural broadband industry for nearly 70 years, they’ve powered thousands of businesses through broadband, phone, surveillance, and tech solutions on the cutting edge.

Whats the best way to showcase the impact of rural broadband companies?

By turning the spotlight on their customers.

Stories are sort of like the Internet itself. They connect people with valuable information, entertainment, and other people at lightning speed.

Author and story expert Lisa Cron explains, “Stories allow us to simulate intense experience without having to actually live through them. Stories allow us to experience the world before we actually have to experience it.”

Sharing stories is a powerful way for existing and potential customers to feel the positive, even life-changing benefits of your products or services. They see their own story because they are like your customers.

This happens because stories also blow up our brains with a cocktail of fantastic chemicals. That’s right, storytelling is actually about chemistry. 

Scientists at places like Harvard are discovering that chemicals like cortisol, dopamine and oxytocin are pumped through our brains when we hear a story. Here’s why this matters…

Companies like Polar are taking advantage of this chemical reaction through custom video campaigns, accompanying blog posts, and social media content. What makes them different is that instead of PR blasts, they’re inviting their audience into the lives of people who face struggles just like them, who want and value the same things they do.

In turn, these mini-bites of 90-second to 2-minute stories have built trust (and a super healthy customer base) for their brand.

By applying the fundamentals of well-told stories, engaging brains, and capturing attention, you can do the same. We’d love to help your customers see how you power their lives through customer story campaigns.


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