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The day started like any other day for community steward, Cass Maland. While reading the opinion section of The Forum, a local Fargo-Moorhead news source, today something different caught her eye. Amid the usual letters about the diversion, city hall construction, downtown street fair and the like, there was one letter that stood out.

What a sad day for the community.  Three simple sentences that packed a powerful punch:

[pullquote align=”full” cite=” Dolly Juelke” link=”http://www.inforum.com/letters/3798237-letter-please-return-my-3-wheeled-bike” color=”” class=”” size=””]I would like to make a request to whomever stole my three-wheeler bicycle. I really would like to have it back as I am an elderly woman who really enjoyed by bike as I never learned to drive. Thank you very much.[/pullquote]

A social maven herself, Cass took action. Posting a call to action to raise money for Dolly and get her a new set of wheels.

The response was as incredible because it was instantaneous. But Cass didn’t stop there.  She pushed her social community to put their money where their mouths were – step up to the plate and donate to get Dolly a new bike.

Using a giving platform, Go Fund Me, and sharing through Facebook and Twitter, the community did just that.

Raising the more than $300 in less than 15 minutes, the community was elated and wanted to do more.

With the excess money, people encouraged purchasing extras; simple things like streamers and even a bike lock, so the thief could not strike again.

Growing up in a small town, the sense of community is inherent and an integral part of one’s upbringing. Little events like this, where Cass saw an opportunity and then executed, sharing with her social community. That community is what makes Fargo-Moorhead unique, it’s what makes social platforms great.

What started as a sad day for Dolly, has turned into a great day for our community.