Resilience and Refuge: Ronald McDonald House Charities’ Story of Support and Strength

At Tellwell, we are privileged to partner with organizations that make a profound difference in people’s lives every day. A recent collaboration that stands out is our work with the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). This story is close to our hearts, as it showcases the impactful narrative of a young girl named Clara and her family’s journey navigating life’s unexpected challenges. Clara is a spirited and joyful child, born with Down Syndrome and a significant heart defect. Her medical complexities required her family to often be far from home to receive the necessary care. Clara’s family faced the ongoing struggle of managing her medical needs while trying to maintain family unity and normalcy.

Our Approach:

We aimed to capture the essence of Clara’s story with empathy and accuracy. Through heartfelt interviews and candid moments, our video team focused on illustrating the emotional and logistical struggles the family endured. More importantly, our aim was to highlight the critical role RMHC plays in providing a home away from home for families like Clara’s.


At Tellwell, we see ourselves not just as storytellers, but as catalysts for change. By promoting understanding and empathy through stories like Clara’s, we help organizations connect with their audiences on a deeper level. Our work with Ronald McDonald House Charities exemplifies how thoughtful storytelling can illuminate the essential humanity connecting us all.

Clara’s story is one of many that inspire us to continue creating content that matters. We are proud to support RMHC in their mission to keep families close when it matters most. This project reaffirmed our dedication to telling stories that not only inform and engage but also make a real difference.

Outcome and Impact:

The resulting video is a powerful portrayal of the challenges and triumphs Clara’s family faces. From their words, viewers can grasp the indispensable support system RMHC offers—from a place to stay near the hospital to the comforts of home-like spatulas and blenders that mean so much during long stays. Clara’s mother candidly shares their story, detailing the nuances of their experiences and the solace they find in the services provided by RMHC.

This narrative not only raised awareness about the vital services RMHC offers but also served as a call to action, encouraging more people to support the organization. By showcasing real stories of families benefitting from RMHC, the video helps potential donors see the tangible impact of their contributions.

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