Brand Refresh

Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre is more than a stage. Over the past 74 years, FMCT has become a landmark of our city: the place we go to experience art, share ideas, and gather as a community. FMCT has grown and evolved as an organization in those years, and in 2019, they decided it was time for their brand to do the same.

Our teams worked together to create a refreshed brand and website that more accurately reflects FMCT’s growth as an organization—that celebrates their past while preparing them for the future.

The Process

A clean, memorable logo is the basis of any good brand, and the FMCT crew felt their existing logo no longer represented them well. They wanted something that was more reflective of the FMCT of today, not of the past. Collaborating with local graphic designer Adam Wiedman, we went through several rounds of brainstorming, design, and edits before landing on a color scheme and logo design for FMCT.

We decided to use a warm-toned gradient for FMCT’s new logo. These shades of orange, red, and purple are equally vibrant and exciting whether they are seen together in the gradient or used separately on the website and branded materials. FMCT’s final logo design, as animated in this reveal video, illustrates the merging of many individual pieces to create one evolving, inclusive, and beautiful identity. It represents the many generations of artists that have made FMCT the theatre it is today.

FMCT’s Brand Reveal Animation

The Website

With a logo completed, we could apply FMCT’s updated brand colors, typography, and imagery to a brand-new website. When we began this project, FMCT’s website just wasn’t working for them. The design was dated, information was difficult to find, and plug-ins were slowly beginning to, well, fall apart. Our goal was to create an easy-to-navigate online experience that compels visitors to learn more about and engage with FMCT. We achieved this by proofreading and paring down their content, creating a separate page dedicated to their educational programming, and putting upcoming productions front-and-center on their homepage, with a link directly to ticket sales.

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