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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

A large, colorful presentation slide projected onto a screen with a wooden beam ceiling above. The slide's background is segmented into bright blue, green, and red sections, with the following text in bold, shadowed letters: 'WE'RE ALL TRYING TO GET BY AS BEING "NORMAL" FITTING INTO THE PRESCRIPTION FOR WHAT SOMEONE LIKE US IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE.' Below, in smaller print, are the social media handle '@yourbuddymeg' and the website 'meglewis.com'.

Just because we’re busy at this time of year doesn’t mean we don’t have a few photos to share!

We’re pretty heads down this season at Tellwell. With the start of the second quarter comes seasonal newsletter interviews, writing, and design. The film crew has been hitting the proverbial road too, even if they’ve been in office more than usual. They’re preparing for some major travel coming up, keeping them on the road for literal weeks at a time. We’ll miss them, of course, but we can’t wait to see the photos (and video!) they’ll capture!

Throwback Thursday

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This week at Tellwell, Chief Storyteller Max’s social media gave him a glimpse back to one of those ADORED memories. For us, this photo reminds us of how proud we are of how far we’ve come and where we came from.

A Timehop photo showing a candid moment from 7 years ago. A man in a suit sits on a wooden chair in an indoor setting, gesturing mid-conversation. In front of him, a camera on a tripod is focused on him, operated by a person whose back is to the camera. The room is well-lit with natural light streaming in through a large window with white frames. A couple of potted plants add a touch of greenery to the scene.

You’re Unique–Embrace It!

Once a month, The American Advertising Federation—North Dakota hosts a speaker (and lunch!). With two of our own on the AAF-ND Board (Hi, Senior Design Strategist Sandie and Senior Film Producer Duncan!!), we make a point of attending as many of these lunches as we can. Max and Event Designer Ashley also joined in the lunch (while Content Specialist KJ tuned in virtually).

This latest lunch featured Meg Lewis, the Creative Director of Meg Lewis Fun House. She spoke to AAF-ND about using your unique personality to market yourself. In essence, she taught us a few tips and tricks to turn your quirks into guideposts for your personal and professional journey. The talk was incredibly helpful and informative, not to mention a heck of a lot of fun–especially when Duncan’s distinctive man-bun made him the topic of some good-natured teasing.

A group of five individuals poses with smiles for a photo in front of a rustic wood-paneled backdrop. From left to right: a man with glasses wearing a navy vest over a green shirt, another man in a black tee and jeans, a person in a colorful buttoned shirt and white cap, a woman in a black hoodie with a logo, and another woman in a plaid shirt. They all appear cheerful, and some are wearing name badges, suggesting a professional or networking event.
A speaker stands in front of a large American Advertising Federation (AAF) logo displayed on a wood-paneled wall. The speaker is wearing a colorful buttoned shirt, black trousers, and playful green monster feet slippers. They are smiling, seemingly engaged in a light-hearted moment. In the foreground, the back of an audience member's head is visible, suggesting an informal and interactive event atmosphere.

Travel Industry Conference

This year, Tellwell will attend, sponsor, or speak at more than a couple of conferences. We love getting to meet our peers and network with folks who might want to share their stories with us!

Duncan, Max, and Event Designer Ashley recently had a booth at the North Dakota Travel Industry Conference right here in Fargo. Check out our super awesome booth!

An exhibit booth at an indoor event featuring a vertical banner with text 'We support: Writing, Video, Websites, Design' and a list of other services. The booth has a faux grass area with two director's chairs and tree stump stools. A large flat-screen TV is turned off, mounted on a stand. The area is warmly lit, and reflections are visible in the glass window, indicating an evening setting.
An informational table at an event with a black cloth covering, displaying various printed materials. There are brochures, pamphlets titled 'INSPIRED INTERIORS' and 'COMMUNICATOR', as well as a mug with pens and branded stickers. Two tree stump stools sit in front of the table, each with a stack of green 'Uffda' koozies on top. The setup is on faux grass flooring, suggesting an inviting, creative presentation.

That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming Friday, April 19th!

A brown dog with a black muzzle and earnest eyes lies comfortably on a vibrant orange couch, gazing towards the camera. The couch is adorned with two fluffy white pillows. Sunlight filters through a window with a view of a cloudy sky, casting a soft glow across the scene, creating a serene and cozy atmosphere.