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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

It’s not just business at Tellwell; there are a lot of wagging tails to dodge, too.

The Sweetest Season

We may be cheating a bit with this Plog entry since the decor has been down for longer than this week, but look at the cool video of the office holiday decor! Experiential designer Ashley’s creativity made our office a winter wonderland for December, then lead editor Matt helped put together this film. The decor may be gone now, but the festive spirit remains (and probably always will at Tellwell).

Click the “play” button to see more (the video will pop out and play).

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SRT Filming

How often do you think about your broadband provider as anything more than a part of your utilities each month? It’s funny how services that many of us rely on can be easily taken for granted and are also a source of the most impactful stories. 

We love helping to tell the stories at the SRT Cooperative, headquartered in Minot, ND. The SRT Cooperative provides vital internet and connection services to north-central North Dakota, a service that helps folks stay connected literally and figuratively.

When SRT approached us about a commercial, we couldn’t wait to get filming. Here’s a fun tidbit: you’ll see a familiar face in the behind-the-scenes photos from the day. Senior design strategist Sandie’s kiddo made an appearance! Also, check out the group photo – it looks like we may have some future filmmakers in that classroom! Who knows, maybe they’ll be the ones filming the SRT Cooperative’s commercials in the future.

More Pickles

Maybe you remember the inaugural Tellwell Pickleball night photos from a few weeks ago. Well, we’re happy to report that Pickle Ball is still going strong! Rather than focusing on an overall win total, the Pickleball Club is more about the game itself. That’s not to say each game doesn’t get competitive! But what happens on the court, stays on the court; the goal is fun, camaraderie, fun, learning as a team, and maybe a little more fun.

Swipe through the album!

A Visit from Brandy!

We make sure our remote workers do not miss out on the puppy love that fills our main office. For Tellwell South, in southern South Dakota, the assigned office pupper is Brandy, a young golden retriever with a tail that wags harder than any other dog I’ve met.

Brandy came all the way from southern South Dakota, accompanying human Tellwellian and our web strategist Riley.

In honor of Brandy coming to the office, we had a lovely pop-tart palooza. Riley took part, too.

Accidental Twinsies

We love repping Tellwell via swag SO MUCH. That said, when we all have lots and lots of branded clothing, sometimes we get accidentally matchy-matchy. Chief of staff Annie and content specialist KJ didn’t plan it, but they were twins on Friday. 

Kevin, however, does still need a green Tellwell doggy sweatshirt.

Kevin, however, does still need a green Tellwell doggy sweatshirt.

That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming Friday, March 1st!