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Welcome, friends!

Hey! Welcome back to the Plog. My name is Andrew, and I’ll be your tour guide through last week at Tellwell. Check out all the fun things we got up to!

Fall Retreat Shenanigans: Unmasking the Curious Side of Team Tellwell!

If you didn’t notice, there wasn’t a Plog last week. Part of that was my fault (Friday brain), but also, Team Tellwell was at our annual Fall Retreat! We’ve dubbed 2024 the year of “curiosity”, so we spent some time being curious about our strengths as a team, the future of Tellwell, and goal setting for each of our departments. There was also a murder mystery party and I wore a fake mustache. 🥸

Montana Moments: Lights, Cameras, Impact with Western Governor’s University!

Earlier last week, our crew was in Montana with our dear friends at Western Governor’s University, kicking off a loooong string of impact films we’re creating for their external affairs team. They’re such a joy to work with – cheers to them!

New Faces, New Places: Meet the Fresh Faces of Tellwell!

With new teammates come new headshots. I’d like to formally introduce the following folks and their beautiful headshots (courtesy of our friend, Britta the Photographer).

– Jordan Ryan, Cinemtographer

– Annie Wood, Chief of Staff

– Sandie Kuehn, Senior Design Strategist

– Emma Beyer, Project Coordinator

Thank you for checking in with us! See you next week.