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Welcome, friends!

Oh, hey there! Welcome to the Tellwell Plog (photo-blog), where I share everything that the team was up to over the last week or so, and wrap it up in a nice bow of photos for your eyeballs to enjoy. Check it out!

Rewind: Returning to an Old Friend

We had the opportunity to join our friends at Holbrook Farms Retreat to begin filming for their impact film! We’re so thankful to be able to join such an impactful organization at their retreat location – fun fact, Holbrook Farms was one of the very first clients we created film for! We’ve come a looooong way since then, check out the OG video we completed with them below.

DRN ReadiTech: Tech-tastic Tales

DRN ReadiTech brought us back out to their neck of North Dakota to start filming for a new set of videos highlighting their expertise in technology. It’s always a pleasure to be with them and in the town of Oakes, North Dakota. I have a weird love for that little town, if you ever get out there be sure to grab some food and books at Sweets and Stories, and an end-of-the-day drink at The Angry Beaver.

Lights, Camera, Behind-the-Scenes Lighting Tour!

A few weeks ago, Duncan gave us a little tour of a special lighting set up we did for a client of ours right here in our own studio. He chopped it together for you to view – so take a look!

Thank you for checking in with us! See you next week.