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In a series I am creatively calling, “Meet Team Tellwell”, I sit down with Tellwell’s brightest minds to chat about who they are, what makes them tick, and what gets them excited about coming to work every day. 

In this article, I chatted with Mindy – mom of two, account manager by day, and baker by night. Learn more about Mindy below!

Hi, Mindy. Tell me about yourself!

I’m a mom of two little girls (Hannah and Lucy) that keep me on my toes. Along with my husband Kevin, we love to spend time outside! I also love to bake and have a small baking company (Acres and Company) where I specialize in custom cakes when I’m available.

If a stranger approached you and asked you to describe yourself… what would you say?

If I were to describe myself in a few words I guess they would be upbeat, conversational and a great listener.
As you spend time here at Tellwell, what is your big goal?
My goals here are really to continue to elevate Tellwell’s work, meet new people, and grow my own project management skills!

Let’s chat more about you outside of work. What are some things that make you happy?

My kids, My husband, spending time with friends and family and trying all sorts of new foods/places!

We love our community here in Fargo, what are some things you do to get involved in the area?

Going the library and playing/going on walks at various parks! One of our favorite spots is exploring at Orchard Glen.

What is your favorite place in Fargo right now?

Twenty Below or Fargo Brewing for drinks and it’s a toss up between India Palace and Leela Thai for food!

What’s the most memorable food experience you’ve ever had?

Eating pesto gnocchi along the coast of Cinque Terre in Italy. I was on a mother/daughter trip with my best friend and her mom and the food was AMAZING everywhere we went!

Do you have a weird thing you’re passionate about?

All things cake and the design behind them and cooking!

What’s your top three albums right now?

Brand New – Ben Rector Rumours- Fleetwood Mac AND the Frozen Soundtrack – Because that’s all my three year old lets me listen to!
Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?
Alaska when I was in 6th grade. My family rented a camper and explored for 2 weeks. To this day still have so many fond memories from that trip.