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At Tellwell, we know you want to create beautiful, captivating, timely content for your organization. But the tools, equipment, and studio space it takes to create polished content seem a little out of reach. We were in the same boat, realizing there wasn’t a great solution to the everyday video creator or podcaster – that’s why we built Tellwell Studio.

A versatile, welcoming, approachable space where you can set up an iPhone on a tripod or bring in a whole RED rig. We’ll provide the lighting and space for your next piece to be amazing – you just bring the great content.

But, how exactly do you go about using our studio? Let’s look at a few quick steps to get you started.

1. Schedule a Tour

The first step in using our Studio is to schedule a tour and consultation. From our Studio webpage, you can contact us to request a time to tour the space, learn the ins and outs, and get pointers from our Film Production team on how to best utilize the space.

2. Choose a Rental Option

We know the everyday creator needs flexibility – it’s important to us, too! That’s why we created several different package options to rental option. We have One Time Rental options for full days, half days, and hourly.

Thinking you’re going to be back more than once? We suggest our Membership packages, which includes annual costs to access our space. The perk – 24/7 access to the studio and its equipment.

3. Schedule + Record

Collaborating with our team, you’ll schedule your rental for our space and get to work. Setting up your equipment, you’ll have full access to our 270-degree cyc wall and four-person podcasting studio. The lights are already set up, just bring your camera and microphones.

Using the podcast studio? Feel free to come unprepared, because we’ve got you covered. Our system includes a sound board fully set up for a recording session. We’ll even provide you with an SD card if you need one!

How much easier could it get?

And that’s how to use the Tellwell studio. It’s really that easy. Schedule a tour, sign up for a rental, and record your content. It’s about as straightforward as it gets! By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to developing your next quality content.