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Welcome, friends!

This is the Tellwell Plog (photo-blog), a chance for us to share with you what #TeamTellwell has been up to, showcase some of the projects we’ve been working on, and (of course) show you all the pupper love a Plog can handle!

A Fresh Set of Services

It’s always hard talking about ourselves – especially when we’re always so focused on telling our client’s stories! One of our goals for the beginning of the year was to overhaul our website and be more forward with the services we provide as a creative studio!

Check out the two new pages on our site, which focus on our two key services: Branding and Film.

With gifs and mockups, this page details what we offer in branding and design.

View the full page here. 

Video examples and impact films galore, this page shows what we offer for video and film production.

View the full page here. 

Welcoming a New Tiny Tellwellian

Last week, our teammate Mindy and her husband Kevin welcomed their second little girl into the world. A HUGE congratulations to them, and we’re wishing them all the best as they bring her home and introduce her to the world. ♥️

Hot off the Press – Updates with the Design Team!

Emma and Aaron have been crushing it lately on the design and branding front, and I wanted to take a second to show off some of the work they’ve been doing in the past week. It’s fun to take a look behind-the-scenes at the inner workings of the Tellwell machine, so take a look below!

Brand Guide

We recently completed a brand refresh for our lovely, smiling friends at Saving Smiles Dentistry right here in Fargo. Everything from a new logo to waiting room signs – this project was a lot of fun and the team knocked it out of the park.

Looking forward, we’re jazzed to also start on their new website design (which we kicked off this week!) so keep an eye on the Plog for that coming soon.


The crazy screenshot you see above is Emma’s work on “storyboarding” for a recent video with HYPOXIA, a team-based crossfit and non-traditional workout competition run by Copper City Strength & Conditioning.

During storyboarding, our design team collaborates with the film team to supplement their video work with design elements, graphics, and animation.

From there, the film team takes the packaged elements or animation and places it in the film, where its fine-tuned to be a seamless addition to the video.

Website Design

Over the past few months, we’ve been going through a brand refresh and website design project with the City of Grafton, ND. They’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we’re very grateful they trusted the unique history of their town in our hands!

We’re in the final stretches of completing their website, which is turning out to be one of the most creative projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on. Look forward to seeing the full site soon!

Our Work in the (digital) Wild

Empowering our clients to utilize their branding to tell their story is huge for us – that’s why we love to see them posting online about the exciting things they have going on. Check out CCRI and Saving Smiles Dentistry this past week!

New Projects on the Horizon

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity on a few internal projects for Tellwell itself that we’re so excited to get moving.

We’re not quite ready to announce them just yet… but know that they’ve been dreams of ours that we’ve talked fervently about around the campfire over a few drinks.

Keep an eye out for more coming soon. ????

A man and woman in a white room with a camera at Tellwell Studio in Fargo.

Thank you for checking in with us! See you next week. ????