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If you’re in agency life, you understand that clients come first. We call them our “Tellwell Tribe” and they are our top priority. And yet recently, we realized we were so busy churning out our best marketing efforts for our clients, that something was happening:

  • Our website was out of date.
    • With our own rising design standards, our web design was not up to par.
    • As our company has grown, our voice has evolved. Our web copy did not.
    • Our portfolio was missing some of our favorite projects!
  • We didn’t have a concrete social strategy or plan.
  • Working on Tellwell marketing was not a priority.

Yikes… Of course, our clients always come first. They are what allow us to be a growing company in the first place. Yet shouldn’t we, as a marketing agency, be practicing what we preach with our own marketing for Tellwell? We may be creating clean, polished websites for our Tribe, but we weren’t super proud of our own.

It was time for a “me” day. We decided to “take on” Tellwell as a client; to put forth a concerted effort toward giving Tellwell a facelift and putting some strategy in place, with the same love and dedication we would for a client.

Step 1. We (read: our project managers, bless them) organized a meeting to discuss where we’d like to see internal improvement. We delegated the tasks to each team member and sectioned off an entire half day dedicated to Tellwell self-love. We called it “Taking on Tellwell.”

To have six people give up client work for four hours is no small investment for an agency of our size. Therefore, it was important we be intentional and productive during the time that we had set aside.

The team sitting down to review our progress. While enjoying some of nature’s candy.

Step 2. Create a manageable list of expectations and goals you hope to meet on this day and moving forward.

For example, this is what our “me day” looked like (special shout out to Annie Wood for organizing the rundown):

  • 1 PM – Kick-off and Questions
  • 1:15 PM – Dive in and get to work
  • 3 PM – 3:15 PM Brain Break
  • 4:30 PM – Show ‘N Tell. Showing off our progress from the day!

Each person received a list based off our previous meeting, detailing the tasks they needed to tackle. With the mantra, “Progress, not perfection,” and a daunting list of tasks, we got to work. Here are a few of our main areas of focus:

  • Revamp our Discovery Guidebook
  • Revamp our ENTIRE WEBSITE (thanks Max + Noah!) with a greater emphasis on our favorite projects.
  • Create a showreel of our extensive video work
  • Reawaken the Tellwell blogs! (hehe, hey everyone!)
  • Establish a social strategy and set social goals for Q2
  • Set up a content calendar and analytics tracking
  • Redesign our portfolio and make sure it’s up to date
  • Clean up Vimeo and show our work to the world!

We’ve gotta say, it’s amazing how much you can get done when you have a designated time for one project, and a concerted effort from the team! We’re proud of the work we were able to accomplish. You can check it out here:

Want to take yourself on as a client? We highly recommend it! With an intentional afternoon (and a few surprise treats), it can be fun AND productive.