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Sorry for letting you all down last week…

we didn’t do anything fun or exciting which makes for a really boring photoblog and we really didn’t want to put you through that agony. (You’re welcome). But THIS week is a way different story. Ccchhheeeccckkkk iiitttt ooouuutttt ggguuyyyysssss?????

#Spelunking #Spelunker #SpelunkDaily #DailySpelunk #Spelunkididoodledoo

Fit Republic inside…

And Fit Republic outside.

This is our Team Tellwell chauffeur, Mr. Kringer! Such a great guy. You really oughta meet him sometime.

Poké Bowl is seriously THE. BEST. ?  ?  ?  ?  ?   You can find them at 409 Broadway N. on Thursdays and Fridays and we 11/10 would recommend them for lunch.

Just a coupla Las Vegas bachelor party boiz?

Noah got to rappel over the edge of the Black Building TWICE for CHARISM‘s Over the Edge event!! We are so lucky to be able to work with such impactful organizations and fun people.



? Team Tellwell

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