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We’ve seen a number of helpful toolkits out there,

so we decided why not throw our own into the bucket! Here are a few of the most helpful tools that we at Team Tellwell use regularly to improve our work!

Google: Drawing its name from the complex math number “googolplex,” Google is a unique platform that allows you to look up any question. Yes, ANY question. When our own minds can’t find the answer, we turn to Google and it usually saves the day. We strongly encourage you to try it out!


Smartphones: These handy devices are tiny, tiny computers. They’re becoming more and more popular, and we find ourselves using them ALL the time. Call, text, play games, and even “google” stuff, all on one miniature computer. (If you ask us, we prefer one called the iPhone).


Chairs: If you’re not sitting down, it can be hard to get work done. These contraptions typically have a back and four legs or roller wheels. They help us stay seated and focused during the work day for maximum output and performance. We, ten out of ten would recommend having a few of these in your office for employees to use every now and then! (Vroom Vroom)


The Internet: The Internet can be found on a computer (also a useful tool) or even a smartphone (see #2). Simply GOOGLE “the Internet” and you will get there. Once there, you’ll find it is a vast tundra of information. It is within this tundra that you can find everything you need to know, and perhaps everything you don’t want to know.  We use the internet to do our business on the daily, and have found it is a very useful part of our work. (Fun Fact: The Google is actually a part of The Internet.)


Food: Nourishment is a basic necessity of survival. We were shocked to find this absent on many of the toolkits that others have published. At Tellwell we use food regularly to improve our performance and boost our energy levels. Sometimes, we share food together, which in turn increases our overall team camaraderie. Our years of research have proven food is an effective tool to use in the workplace. Make it a part of yours!

Our Words: Turns out, speaking is a very effective tool when communicating with others. At Tellwell, we make a concerted effort to use our words when sharing information. Sometimes we may even use them to tell a joke! Why not? So fun! 



We hope you found this blog SUPER helpful! Maybe now you have some new ideas to bring back to your own workplace. Until next time,

Party hard, Tellwell Tribe ?