Content is the stuff that makes your social strategy come to life. Without good content, you’re not going to build an engaged online community. Here are Tellwell’s guiding principles when it comes to creating worthwhile content:

Be Genuine

If your company culture is young, fun and hip – show that off. If it’s not, don’t pretend to be hip and funny.  Be true to your organization.

Be Consistent

As with marketing, you want your audience to know what you’re all about. Don’t change up your tune every time an intern thinks of something cool.

Be Organic

No matter how many times you post on Facebook or Twitter, your audience will engage with the posts they believe are relevant to them. This means it sounds like it comes from somewhere other than the marketing department (even if it comes from your marketing department).

Know Your Audience

Make sure you push out content for the right person. If your content is engaging, but the people who interact with it aren’t the right customer, it might look like good content, but it’s not meeting your needs as a business.

Write Good

(It’s a joke, get it?) You need to have good writing. Do you have someone in your organization who has a way with words or can verbalize your thoughts better than you? Reach out to them if you’re stumped. If you’re going it alone and can’t write to save your soul, it may be time to hire a writer. Expensive? It could pay off in the long run.

Make it useful

Are you pushing out content about your cat? Unless it’s a page about your cat, your cute cat pictures of Snowball are useless for anyone looking for information about your business.

Short and sweet

Tell your audience what they want and need to know. Period.

Without solid content, it’s impossible to develop a social strategy. Content is like a home. The conversations that happen make a house a home and gives it purpose. The actual platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the foundation, the graphics are the paint, but the thing that makes someone’s house a more desirable place to be is the conversations that happen in and around it.

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Max Kringen is a strategist, idea guy, and educator. His background is in digital marketing, content strategy, social media strategy and execution in healthcare, emerging media, and education. Starting his first web design company while in 8th grade in Enderlin, North Dakota, Max started Tellwell back in 2014 to tell the stories of our community.

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