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Take a deep breath and just be.

Shush! I told you just to be… Be one with your hashtags.

Yes, hashtags can get out of hand, and some people hashtag every single word but be better than them. As social media lovers and content creators, it’s our responsibility to make good and engaging content. Hashtags include your brilliant ideas in relevant conversations.

When we explain hashtags to people who don’t know much about social media, we explain it as a church basement potluck – the little old Lutheran ladies separate the dishes into different areas.  The buffet has a spot for salads, Jell-O, Jell-O salads, and hot dish. Much like our conversations are organized with hashtags; every conversation has a spot on the table – you just need to find where to put it.

Ok, so we’re done rambling about Lutheran basements and zen-ness. Let’s make it easy.

1. Keep it readable

#ihavenoideawhatthishashtagisactuallysaying verses #MyConversation. Some haters will say you shouldn’t capitalize in hashtags, but we say, why confuse people?

2. Keep it short

Hashtags can’t suffer from little man syndrome, so don’t be afraid to keep ‘em short, sweet, and to the point.

3. #Dont #Overuse #Hashtags #In #Your #Posts #It #Looks #Ridiculous #Stick #To #Three #Or #Fewer

(Don’t overuse hashtags in your posts. It looks ridiculous. Stick to three or fewer)