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There is a ton of reasons to thank your customers, clients, community members, and partnering businesses. If your schedule is jam-packed and you don’t have time to do the whole ol’ hand-written note, here are three alternative ways to say thanks.

1. Video

Use your smartphone for a quick, easy,  and cheap option for saying thank you. Send them a 15-second clip of you saying thanks. Better yet – have a mascot or an office puppy? Have them hold a sign (or lean one on them) and make a short video. The great thing about videos is they can be as elaborate or simple as you want.

Seeing someone say, “Thank you” is powerful. You can also double this up as a post on social – tag them in it so they are notified.

2. E-Mail

This is another great option for thanking the people who matter most to your business. There are lots of e-mail services that are free for lists of 2,000 or less and, for larger lists, are still a smart buy compared to snail mail. With e-mail, you can post photos, share stories, and embed the video you made.

3. Social

Create an image you can use across all your organization’s social platforms. This could be an a still shot from the video you made or an image of something that relates to why you’re thanking the person or business.

For example, did you get free coffee for your Monday morning meeting? Share a photo of everyone with their cup-o-joe and mention the coffee shop. Get a new shipment of t-shirts for your employee picnic? Take a photo of the box of T’s or make your office pup put one on!

Basically, get an office dog. 😉

Saying thanks makes people and businesses feel appreciated – and that can go a long way.

You can also share when people thank you. For example, TMI Hospitality recently shared a photo of a thank-you note from one of their guests. Doesn’t it give you all the feels?!

How do you thank the people who matter most to your business? Comment below!