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Consistently creating content for your organization can get overwhelming. You may have too many ideas and not know where to start, or have no ideas. Whatever the case, if you’ve given up and started binge watching all of Netflix, keep reading.

Here are 3 ways to get over writer’s block:

1. Repurpose

Take something you’ve created in the past: a brochure, flyer, newsletter, etc…and break it up into smaller pieces. Write a blog post about one of these sections, use a photo that relates to your content, and schedule a post linking to your blog on your social media sites.

2. Recruit

Don’t go at it alone. Bring a team of people together to help you create content. They’ll add different perspectives and not only add to your organization’s content, but could bring out the creativity in you as well.

3. Reconnect

Talk with past customers – tell their story (or have them do a guest blog). This could be a video, photo with brief caption, Q & A blog posts, or all three!



What have you done to get over writer’s block? Let us know in the comments!