Soaring with FM Aerial + Movement Arts: A Brand Story of Expression

Every brand has a story.

At Tellwell, our mission is to help that story take flight.

FM Aerial Arts’ passion for aerial and movement arts was a strong foundation for a vibrant, dynamic brand. We especially resonated with their vision of fostering a safe, supportive environment for creative expression and fitness.

Here’s how we helped FM Aerial Arts’ brand soar to new heights.

Discovery and Inspiration

As with any brand project, we needed to understand the world of FM Aerial + Movement Arts. Sure, they focused on creating a space that empowered individuals to learn to move their bodies in ways that expressed their innermost selves–all while soaring through the air on silks, lyra hoops, and maybe even a pole here and there.

Through interviews and secondary research, we learned the language that FM Aerial + Movement Arts uses to describe their mission and themselves. From there, we were able to create a brand that is both visually imaginative and honors their spirit of self-expression.

Design and Development

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal and celestial, we crafted a brand identity that embraces the grace and strength of aerial arts. We blended a crescent moon and a shining star to create their logo, highlighting the balance of creativity and discipline. The color palette pulls from the night sky, featuring deep purples and blues–punctuated with vibrant pinks and maroons–to represent passion and energy.

We included a touch of whimsy in the design elements by incorporating star motifs and fluid typography to convey movement and freedom. The tagline, “Move through the skies,” encapsulates the dreamlike quality of aerial arts, inviting everyone to explore their potential.

Secondary Logo Design

During the concepting process, we struggled to narrow down our logo ideas. It was so hard to pick just one!

So, we didn’t force ourselves to pick a favorite. We instead incorporated a secondary logo design into the brand system. This secondary logo complements the primary one, effectively conveying FM Aerial Arts’ identity with a greater emphasis on movement.

Enhanced Community Connection

The vibrant and welcoming brand has fostered a deeper connection within the FM Aerial Arts community. Members feel more aligned with the organization’s mission and are proud to be part of a brand that celebrates creativity and self-expression.

A Unified Brand Identity

Throughout the branding process, we hoped to create a unified, memorable visual presence for FM Aerial Arts + Movement. We want them to take pride in their identity as they empower people to move and love their bodies. With this refreshed image, we aim to empower FM Aerial + Movement Arts to become a stronger presence in the local fitness community, reaching new movement arts enthusiasts and attracting experienced movement artists.

Continued Growth

FM Aerial + Movement Arts is ready to climb the silks to new heights as this refreshed brand helps expand their reach. They’re ready to move through the skies, making a positive impact in the world of aerial and movement arts.

At Tellwell, we’re passionate about helping brands like FM Aerial + Movement Arts tell their story. Let us help you take your brand to new heights.

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