The Guardian Inn: Branding and Website

The Guardian Inn embarked on a transformative journey with Tellwell to rejuvenate its brand and digital presence. Nestled in Crosby, ND, this hotel faced challenges common in the industry, such as outdated visuals and a lackluster online booking experience. Recognizing the need to stay relevant in a competitive market, The Guardian Inn sought a comprehensive solution to enhance its appeal to travelers and locals alike.

We stepped in with a multi-faceted approach. We not only revamped The Guardian Inn’s visual identity with modern branding elements and custom iconography but also reimagined the user experience on the website. By implementing user-friendly design principles, SEO strategies, and performance optimizations, the team ensured that every visitor had a seamless journey from exploration to booking.

The results were tangible and impactful. The Guardian Inn experienced a significant boost in its visual and web presence, leading to enhanced customer engagement and solidifying its position as a premier destination for travelers in Crosby, North Dakota.

Project Overview

The Guardian Inn, located in Crosby, ND, needed a comprehensive overhaul of its brand and website to stay competitive in the local market. They partnered with Tellwell Story Co. to revamp their visual identity and online presence, addressing challenges like outdated brand visuals, website functionality, and a lack of exposure.

The Challenge

Outdated brand visuals and website UI/UX, combined with a poor booking experience and insufficient market exposure, are leading to a loss of customers.

The Solution

We developed an elevated visual identity, created a user-friendly and appealing website experience, implemented SEO and performance optimizations, and provided custom iconography, web design, web development, photography, and copywriting services.

Elevating The Guardian Inn

Throughout the rebranding process, our goal for The Guardian Inn was to create a cohesive and striking visual presence. We aimed to enhance their identity, helping them to stand out and attract more guests. With these improvements, we strive to empower The Guardian Inn to strengthen their presence in the hospitality market, drawing in new visitors and increasing bookings through a better web experience and user-friendly interface.

Enhanced Presence

The Guardian Inn is poised to welcome guests with an enhanced brand identity, offering a memorable stay through improved visual presence and user experience. With our comprehensive services—including branding, visual identity, custom iconography, web design, web development, SEO & performance optimizations, photography, and copywriting—The Guardian Inn is ready to elevate its market presence and increase bookings.

At Tellwell, we’re passionate about helping brands like The Guardian Inn tell their story. Let us help you elevate your brand to new heights.