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Saving Smiles Dentistry is a full-service, family-friendly practice serving the Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo community since 2011. Their experienced doctors are here to provide the compassionate, quality, affordable care you need, when you need it.

In 2021 the Saving Smiles team approached us, ready for a change. They were building a new dentistry office to fully relocate the entire practice there, and they felt it was time for a visual refresh and a new website. But, they were anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed about all the work that would need to go into it.

That’s why they teamed up with us – Tellwell Story Co. – and we worked together to refresh their brand, create a beautiful website, and grow their business to fit their new location.

Saving Smiles’s Brand Story

To start, we helped Saving Smiles create their unique brand story.

At Tellwell, we use an adapted and simplified version of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to create a brand story for our client.

“We believe in creating a relaxing environment in our practice. Our office features many amenities to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Our team loves to interact with all our patients, and help them understand their dental health and answer any questions they have.

In addition to creating a family friendly practice, Saving Smiles Dentistry is committed to treating patients whether they have dental insurance or not. To help families and individuals without insurance, we developed an in-house program that will help you receive discounts on our dental services.”

Brand Voice

We want patients of all ages to see Saving Smiles as the go-to practice for genuine, high-quality dental care. One way to achieve this is by creating and utilizing a brand voice that is clear, consistent, and familiar.

Warm & Welcoming

Let’s face it: no one gets excited to go to the dentist. We want to convey a sense of warmth that shows patients that we will do everything we can to make their appointment as comfortable, painless, and enjoyable as possible.


We want people to know that with Saving Smiles, what they see on their website is what they will get. Honesty is the best policy with our brand voice.

Wise (Yet Humble)

We know what we are doing, and we want to let our patients know that when they come to Saving Smiles, they are getting the highest quality service in the region – but we don’t want to come across like we are bragging. Just like Matthew McConaughey, we should let our expertise speak for itself.

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