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Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) is the leading communications network company in North Dakota, operating the state’s robust fiber optic network. They began in 1996 as a unique partnership between their 13 owner companies, and have grown to have more than 40,000+ miles of fiber across North Dakota. Together, they employ more than 1,000 in local communities and serving more than 164,000 customers.

In mid-2021, they realized that their look and how they talked about themselves didn’t align with their own expectation of leading technology in North Dakota. Not only that – other communities and states across the country were looking towards DCN for guidance as an industry leader.

That’s where we come in. DCN approached Tellwell to refresh their brand and give it a new, shiny spin with new assets, colors, and a website – all while keeping the traditional look that DCN’s audience has known and loved.

DCN’s Brand Story

To kick things off, DCN needed help creating their brand story.

At Tellwell, we use an adapted and simplified version of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to create a brand story for our client. We did this with DCN, positioning their customers as the leaders in their industry, and DCN as the expert that will guide them towards success. Below is a short snippet from their Brand Story.

“At DCN, we know that you want to provide your customers with the best possible experience and be a leader in your industry. To achieve this, you need reliable, scalable, and secure technology solutions among all your locations, in North Dakota and beyond.

When you are distracted by security and connectivity issues within your organization, you can’t focus on your core business. That’s why DCN is here to partner with you, providing the resources and expertise to keep you connected and your data protected.”


Blues + Brights

Visit dakotacarrier.com to see the full website.


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