Smart Rural Communities

The Rural Broadband Association (NTCA) is the premier association representing nearly 850 independent, community-based telecommunications companies across the United States. NTCA’s members build and deliver broadband connectivity and operate essential services in rural and small-town communities across the U.S.

NTCA had a goal – they wanted to support their Smart Rural Communities with marketing videos that they inspired to use, reached their target audience, and compelled them to action.

Together, we came up with a solution. Highlight these Smart Rural Communities with a 3-5 minute Impact Film that shares compelling interviews and captivating b-roll.

A Local Company with a Local Focus

One such Smart Rural Community we highlighted was Sacred Wind Communications, a telecommunication company in New Mexico. They are the only privately-owned rural telco focused solely on bridging the digital divide for rural tribal communities in New Mexico, established just recently in 2006.

Their mission is to provide customers on and off the Navajo reservation with the highest quality telecommunications services, taking advantage of the most appropriate technologies, all while being diligent in pursuing the most affordable alternatives for our customers.

Behind the Scenes

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