In Person Event Reimagined

The North Dakota Family Based Services Association (NDFBSA)’s mission is to be the resources provider for those that support families. Folks like therapists, social workers, educators, and the medical community look to NDFBSA to support their continued education. 

With more than 300 providers relying on the annual NDFBSA conference to make sure they’re up-to-date on the latest best practices, the NDFBSA board knew that the 2021 conference MUST go on, despite not being able to meet in person. That’s when they connected with Tellwell to take their in-person conference online!

The Process

Six days. 13 sessions. 300+ attendees. 

While we’ve cut our virtual event teeth over the past year, this conference took us to a whole new level. Plus, in order for attendees to qualify for Continuing Education Credits, every portion needed to be live, and we needed a way to confirm that they were actually in attendance. 

To bring this event to life, we transformed Tellwell HQ into a makeshift studio and kicked most of our team out for two weeks. We welcomed some of the region’s leading behavioral health experts into our space, where they could safely and seamlessly broadcast their sessions to NDFBA’s attendees via Vimeo. 

Virtual Engagement

Because six days is a long time to keep people’s attention, especially through a computer screen, we utilized chat, polls, and other Vimeo tools to maximize viewer engagement. We also developed webinar kits and shipped them to virtual participants to ensure a high-quality experience, even for the speakers who couldn’t be with us in person. 

In addition to streaming the actual event, we also supported NDFBSA with a pre-event promotion plan to attract attendees, which consisted of a virtual hub, two media releases, four emails, 15 social posts, and video previews.

Ready to reimagine your in-person event online? 

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