When residents move into communities like Amber Plains, they have a lot on their minds. The last thing they should be stressed about is their internet connection. And although they’re not a large provider, MLGC offers the fastest speeds in many of their communities! Tellwell helped bring this message to the folks of Amber Plains through a series of commercial spots, targeted social, and print pieces.

The Process

The message we wanted to convey with this campaign was simple: MLGC isn’t a regional or national brand. They’re the people down the street who work alongside their friends and neighbors every day. They also work hard to provide the best service and speeds of anyone in the area.

To start, we collaborated with MLGC to create a plan that would get in front of the right people. Amber Plains is a very small geographic area, and it was our job to make sure the message hit that group, and only that group. With this in mind, we were able to produce a commercial spot that introduced MLGC to that community, using targeted social to reach those folks specifically.

MLGC – Broadcast Spot

We wanted to help MLGC share this new campaign with a broadcast spot. Working to spread the message wide, we created this spot to remind the community that MLGC loves them.

The Message

Additionally, our print pieces were sent only to the residents of Amber Plains, written in a way that would speak directly to the things relevant to them.

This combined targeted approach ensured those overarching messages reached the people they needed to, while introducing the great things MLGC offers. Small-town living and big connections were key talking points throughout this project, and we introduced that message through both video and print.

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