FMCT: On Stage Now


Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre (FMCT) is the longest-running community arts organization in the Red River Valley, and a member of our Tellwell Tribe! For almost 75 years, FMCT has provided exceptional performance and education opportunities to the Fargo-Moorhead area and surrounding communities.

One challenge that comes along with being such a long-standing institution is continuing to garner excitement year after year. That’s why we partnered with FMCT to create a series of 30-second to 1-minute videos promoting their upcoming productions. Each short, fast-paced video is shared across social media throughout the run of the show, with the goal of capturing the incredible energy FMCT brings to its productions while also helping drive ticket sales. 

Our video team has had so much fun creating these videos, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them up on the stage one day!

Jesus Christ Superstar

The first promotional video we created with FMCT was for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar in July 2019. Our video team filmed one of their final dress rehearsals, darting across the stage during dance numbers to make sure they captured every angle. This footage, paired with music from Jesus Christ Superstar, made for an exciting, adrenaline-pumping video!

Noises Off

Our second promotional video was for Noises Off in August 2019. Noises Off is a hilarious play about a second-rate theatre troupe as they fumble through rehearsals. The video team’s number one priority with this video was to convey the comedy of Noises Off to viewers. To up the comedic element, they added audio from the dress rehearsal as well as excerpts from reviews of the show.