Choice Bank: #SupportLocalArt


Talk about a project we can get behind. Choice Financial’s (now Choice Bank) #SupportLocalArt card project started as an inkling of an idea, and as we watched it grow to fruition, our excitement only mounted. In an effort to show their support for local art in a tangible way, Choice Bank released three limited edition art cards featuring work from three North Dakota artists. In addition, those who choose to get the #SupportLocalArt card can make a donation to a local art council — and Choice will match for up to $7,500 total.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to help with such an amazing project. Team Tellwell worked with Choice to create a few colorful marketing materials:


Using Adobe After Effects, we created a short-and-sweet animation video that announced the launch of the program, with a call to action on how to get started. The video was shared on Choice’s Facebook and Twitter, with a combined viewership of over 8.2K.

Social Media Content

As a value-add, we also staged a mini photo shoot with the #SupportLocalArt cards, edited and designed the photos, and wrote written content to pair with the graphics. We created customized posts for each of Choice’s various social media channels.

Landing Page

We created a landing page that explained the program, using artistic flair and pops of color to fit the theme. We also synced the page with a form that users could fill out and apply for their #SupportLocalArt card directly.

Local Media

Great stories deserve to be shared! Our writing team gathered quotes and created press releases for each arts council to share, as well as a full feature story that was sent and published in local magazine Fargo INC!