Butte Food Co-op

Creating a Sustainable Food System

Through our ties to Montana, we were connected to some incredible people in Butte, Montana who had dreams of starting a food co-op to provide access to high-quality, locally-sourced, healthy, and delicious foods to nourish the Butte community (and beyond).

When talking about their “why”, though, they didn’t know where to start… that’s where we came in. We took them through our Hero’s Journey framework and helped them develop their brand’s voice, tone, and how they talk about themselves.

As a capstone, we completed an expansive film project with them that included a full Impact Film, 30-second cuts of two highlighted folks, and a full animated video.

Butte Food Co-op | Suba

Highlighting a member-owner like Suba was incredibly important to us to show how the average Butte citizen can get involved in the co-op and show the impact their contributions can have.

Butte Food Co-op | Dave

Telling the perspective of a farmer and producer was, of course, the other half of the co-op relationship that was critical to highlight. Spending time to tell Dave’s story was important in order for us to show the cooperative model benefits both the customers of the co-op as well as the producer of the products.

Butte Food Co-op | Animated Spot

Not everyone is familiar with what a cooperative is, and we needed to create an explainer video that tells the Butte community (and beyond) exactly why a co-op is beneficial to the customers, farmers, producers, and the environment. Throughout the project, we found an animation style we were loving and decided to stick with it for this video.

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