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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

We had a full office once again! No work travel this week, so it was nice to have everyone back at home base. Let’s get into what we did this week!

Two hats are displayed on the dashboard of a car. The hat on the left is a navy blue baseball cap with the words 'Tellwell Story Co. & Studio' embroidered in white. The hat on the right is a black snapback cap with a patch that reads 'UP NORTH DOWN TO EARTH' and 'Tellwell Story Co. & Studio' underneath. The view through the windshield shows a sunny day with a blue sky, scattered clouds, and a road with green fields and trees on either side.

Travel by the numbers

The film team has been out and about for the last month! We figured a quick run down of these travels would be a fun way to reflect, so let’s crunch the numbers.

For these video projects, we conducted 20 interviews, caught 12 flights, shot 9 films, visited 8 states, drove 6 rental cars, saw 3 Great Lakes, and had one amazing time! There’s something incredibly rewarding about being able to capture these subjects in their natural environment, flying out to their hometowns, and really getting a deep understanding of who they are. These locations included California, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Utah, and Tennessee. We got to see many different parts of the country, which were all unique in their own way.


Here are a few additional photos from our travels. Now that all the filming is finished, time for the team to jump into post production!

A film crew is setting up for an interview in a living room. Two crew members wearing 'Film Crew' shirts are operating cameras and equipment, while a woman with long curly blonde hair sits on a chair, smiling and ready for the interview. The room features a bookshelf, musical instruments, and lighting equipment. Another crew member is holding a script or notes in the foreground.
A photographer with a camera rig is capturing a live event. The scene is being recorded through a video camera's screen, which shows a blurred image of a man speaking at a podium with a woman standing beside him. The event appears to be a formal gathering with attendees seated at tables in a room with large windows offering a view of a lush, green outdoor setting.
A film crew is recording a family on a trampoline in a backyard. Two crew members with cameras are positioned around the trampoline, capturing footage of a young child playing while three older children stand around. An adult couple stands at the edge of the trampoline, watching the children. The scene is set in a lush, green outdoor environment with trees and plants surrounding the area

Magazines galore!

Our design team has been hard at work, and that work is arriving in the office! Recently, we had several projects make their way from computer screen to print: The Northwest Communications Cooperative (NCC) Annual Report, The State of WGU Spring 2024 magazine, and the InterBel Happenings Summer 2024 magazine! These have been in the works for quite awhile, so being able to have the physical copies in our hands is so exciting!

Three magazines are laid out on a white surface with a green carpet in the background. The leftmost magazine has a green cover with white text reading '73rd Annual Meeting 2024 Broadband' and other details. The middle magazine, titled 'The State of,' features a man in a graduation gown. The rightmost magazine, titled 'InterBel Happenings,' shows a person in a cowboy hat riding a horse with the subtitle 'Area Adventures & Activities.'

Roadside Filming

This week, the film team went roadside for some commercial filming for Vogel Law Firm! These commercials aim to highlight specific lawyers and services within their organization. Not only did they get some time out in the sun, they got to rock some neon safety vests while doing it!

A film crew is working on the side of a road on a clear, sunny day. One crew member in an orange safety vest is looking down at equipment, another crew member in a yellow safety vest is operating a camera, and a man in a blue suit is standing in front of them holding flowers. The background features an open field with green grass and a clear blue sky.

Backyards in bloom

Here at Tellwell, we are enjoying the beautiful weather and our blooming backyards! Here’s a collection of the flowers we’ve been tending to at each of our homes. See you next week, summer solstice!

Collage of four different flowers: a purple iris with white accents and a yellow center, a pink rose with a yellow center, a pale pink peony with ruffled petals, and a bright yellow daisy-like flower with a dark center, all set against a lush green garden backdrop.
Collage of three garden scenes: a wooden raised garden bed with various blooming flowers including yellow and orange daisies; a bush covered in large, white, spherical clusters of flowers; and a vine with hanging clusters of purple wisteria flowers.
That does it for this week! Keep an eye out for the next plog, coming June 21st!
A small brown dog with pointy ears stands on a gray carpet, holding a plush toy in its mouth. The background features a blue wall with a mural depicting a campfire scene and a small window letting in light. A green piece of furniture is partially visible on the left side of the image