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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

A group of people standing in a circle outdoors, placing their hands together in the center as a gesture of unity. They are in a park with green grass and large trees, under a bright blue sky. Everyone is smiling and enjoying the moment.

Today, we’re offering a two-for-one special, as we bring you photos from this week and last week!

Last AAF-ND Speaker for the Season

As proud members and supporters of American Advertising Federation-North Dakota, we try to get to as many AAF-ND events as possible. Last week saw their final speaker for the 2023-2024 season and we couldn’t miss it! Speaker Martin Nance (the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer for the Minnesota Vikings) shared his journey from NFL wide receiver to his current role leading marketing and fan engagement strategies for the Vikings.

A man stands on a stage giving a presentation to an audience. The screen behind him displays his name, Martin Nance, and the title of the presentation, "Navigating the Game: A Marketer's Playbook from Field to Boardroom." The audience is seated and facing the stage in a room with industrial-style decor.

Time to Learn and Time to Bond

Twice a year, Tellwell takes two days to hold a company-wide retreat. We spent the days bonding and growing as a team. From tie-dye to speakers, this retreat focused on creating environments of clarity, connection, and curiosity. We also had Shanti Behrens (Counselor, MEd, LPC, and LPCC) join us for a wonderful presentation about how to better honor and tell the stories of people of color. Shanti owns her own mental health practice in Moorhead, MN and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She also specializes in working with individuals who identify as BIPOC and adult adoptees. Check out a couple of our favortie captures from the retreat:

A woman holds a bowling ball, smiling and looking towards a man who is instructing her. They are in an indoor bowling alley with other people visible in the background.
Five people are sitting on the grass in a park, engaged in a tie-dye activity. They are smiling and holding bottles of dye, with tie-dyed items and materials spread out on the ground. Trees and a walking path are visible in the background.
A group of nine people is taking a group photo in front of a large Dilly Bar sculpture. They are all smiling and enjoying a sunny day.

Life on the Highway

For the past two weeks, the entire film crew has been in and out (but mostly out) of the office as they jet around the country for various filming projects. There are SO MANY good photos, but here are a few of our favorites from their adventures.

Two people are kayaking on a calm body of water. One person is holding a camera, while the other gives a thumbs-up. Both are wearing life jackets.
A man is filming a family of four, who are standing in a yard. The family includes two adults and two children, along with a dog. The cameraman and another person are setting up the shot.
A man holds a clapperboard in front of a seated woman on a wooden deck beside a stream. The woman is partially hidden by the clapperboard, and a waterfall is visible in the background.
That does it for this week! Keep an eye out for the next plog, coming May 31st!
A woman wearing a plaid shirt and a backwards cap is writing on a whiteboard. The text on the whiteboard says, "Thank you Sol Ave and Tellwell." The setting appears to be indoors with string lights and a warm, rustic atmosphere.