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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

A band performs on a wrestling ring repurposed as a stage in an urban outdoor setting. A videographer on a ladder captures the performance, with city buildings and a clear sky in the background.

Another week of work, another week of fun! The team was busy hosting & helping with events, attending galas, even making music videos? Let’s dive into what we were up to this week!

Burger Royale Music Video

This week, our film team had the opportunity to create a music video for Burger Royale! This event brings local Fargo restaurants head to head in a burger competition, where one will reign supreme. It’s not every day our team gets to shoot a music video (much less inside a wrestling ring in the heart of downtown Fargo). What a fun and unique project to be a part of! We had our eyes and ears on visuals and sound, and we can’t wait for you to have your eyes and ears on the video in the future!

Two wrestlers in a ring, one dressed as a hamburger, during an entertaining match, while a cameraman captures the scene, all set against an urban backdrop under a cloudy sky.
A man sitting at an outdoor cafe table giving a thumbs up. He's wearing a blue jacket and glasses, with a joyful expression, sitting in sunlight with urban buildings in the background.

Full-day livestream extravaganza

On Wednesday, Senior Film Producer Duncan and Cinematographer Jordan spent all day at The Sanctuary here in Fargo helping run an Employee Law Seminar for Vogel Law Firm. These two monitored video and made sure everything ran smoothly. Overall, it was a successful event!

This image shows a man seated at a control desk, managing technical equipment during a live event. He is wearing headphones and focused on a laptop screen displaying multiple video feeds of the event. In front of him are various pieces of audio and video control gear. The background features a group of people seated at tables in a venue that combines modern elements with traditional architectural features, such as wooden beams and a stained glass window. The screen behind the audience displays "Employment Law Seminar 2020," indicating the nature of the event.

Audio Training Underway!

Here at Tellwell, we encourage continued learning and development and this week, we did some learning from our very own Lead Editor Matt! On Tuesday, Matt spent a few hours with the rest of the film team learning how to standardize audio across our films, because consistency is key!

An indoor setting with a film crew at work. One person is looking at a computer screen showing video editing software, and others are focused on their laptops, in a well-lit room with modern decor.

When science fiction and art combine, you get a Gala!

We had a few of our own attend the Plains Art Museum’s Spring Gala: Sci-Fi Artistry. As a sponsor of the event, being able to have first-hand experiences attending these events is exciting. Lead Project Manager Lucas (with partner Christine), Content Specialist KJ (with fiancé Tyler), and Chief of Staff Annie (with husband Steve) spent their time in an epic night of sci-fi adventure and exploration!

An aerial view of a live band performance in a large hall, showing multiple musicians playing instruments with intricate stage lighting, creating a dynamic and vibrant music event.

On your marks, get set, party!

We had some Formula fun here in the office on Sunday with a Formula 1 Miami Watch Party! With F1 bingo and themed snacks, our space was transformed into a tropical motor sports destination. With a mix of jerseys, tropical shirts and our fair share of leis, everyone was dedicated to dressing the part!

A vibrant wall mural featuring stylized mountain peaks and waves with a "Welcome to Miami" message in colorful triangular banners. A neon sign that reads "Tellwell" is mounted on the right side of the mural.
A food table with a tropical theme, featuring a pineapple, mixed fruits, and chips. A young woman in a bright floral shirt is serving food, slightly blurred in the foreground, emphasizing the colorful and arranged fruits.

Stop, drop, and stroll

Nothing quite like a fire drill to get your heart pumping! Two positives to come out of it: There was no fire (hooray!), and we got some time outside in the middle of the day. Thankfully, the rain started coming down about two minutes after we came back inside *phew*!

Four friends standing and chatting on a city street, smiling and dressed casually, under a cloudy sky, conveying a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

That does it for this week! Keep an eye out for the next plog, coming May 17th!

A young girl wearing a sports uniform and a baseball cap. She has a cheerful smile and is posing with her left hand on her hip. The cap is labeled "Trojans" in cursive script, and her jersey is purple with white and black accents and the name "TELLWELL" across the chest. Her expression and posture suggest confidence and happiness.