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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

Two members of a film crew outdoors, both managing camera equipment, with mountains under a clear sky in the background.

Travel and (accidental) twins kept us busy this week!

Uplifting the future

If you know us, you know we love continuing education. A big part of who we are as a company is encouraging our employees to continue to grow as professionals.

We also love giving back! So, when those two interests meet, we HAVE to participate!

This past week, Founder and Chief Storyteller Max, partner and Senior Film Producer Duncan, and Senior Design Strategist Sandie headed out to help students with their design portfolios. They spent the day meeting with students one-on-one and giving feedback on the hard work the students have curated into their professional first impressions.

Portfolios are key to many creatives’ starting and continuing their careers. Even after they have secured a spot with a company, maintaining that portfolio helps draw in potential clients.

They’re also just really cool to look at 🙂

A man and a woman in an indoor setting reviewing a portfolio, sitting across from each other at a table with snacks and laptops present.
A man and a woman engaged in conversation at a table with a tablet, in a room set up for one-on-one meetings with other participants in the background.

Celebrating Impactful Women

For more than 50 years, YWCA Cass Clay has brought people together to honor women who have made a difference in the community. The nominees have demonstrated a deep love for others, from communications to faith-centered work to science and technology. They’ve acted on that love and have made notable contributions to their fields in ways that uplift their fellow women.

We’re excited to see hard work recognized when the nominations come out each year. At Tellwell this year, we were especially happy for folks we’ve worked with to receive recognition–including Tellwell’s own Project Manager, Megan!

Once nominations are in, a panel of anonymous judges reviews each candidate. While being nominated is already an honor and recognition of hard work, the judges do pick a recipient for each of the 13 categories as they see fit (so, if no nominees meet the criteria, no one is a recipient).

Congratulations to the recipients, nominees, and the YWCA for another year of uplifting and empowering women!

Indoor event scene showing a speaker at a podium during the 51st annual YWCA Women of the Year awards, with attendees in the foreground and colorful screens in the background.
A group of well-dressed people smiling at the camera during an event, with a sense of camaraderie and celebration evident among them.

Sights set to Utah

Filming season is ramping up! Most of the film team was on the road this week to film in Utah for Western Governors University’s Digital Advocacy Team. Check out these behind-the-scenes captures of Founder & Cheif Storyteller Max, Senior Film Producer Duncan, Cinematographer Jordan, and some of their film subjects. The photos are courtesy of Film Content Writer Kari!

Outdoor shot of a film crew member filming a couple walking their dog by a pond, with the film crew's assistant looking on and mountains in the backdrop.

Even more accidental twinsies!

While part of the film team was on the road, others found themselves staring in the mirror back at home

This set of accidental twins–Project Manager Lucas and Project Manager Megan—didn’t even have Tellwell gear on! Usually, when we accidentally match one another, it’s because we all sport Tellwell gear on occasion.

At this point, we’re wondering if the “Accidental twinsies” bit needs to become a regular feature in the plog–it seems to happen a lot!

Two smiling individuals–wearing incredibly similar outfits– seated on a couch in a vibrant office environment with a neon 'TELLWELL' sign on the wall, portraying a welcoming and creative workspace.

More students!!

We didn’t stop at portfolio reviews this week! Project Manager Lucas and Lead Editor Matt welcomed NDSU Prof. Elizabeth Crawford and her Ad Club to Tellwell HQ. This excursion was part of the Ad Club’s spring capstone.

A casual office presentation with two speakers in front of a screen displaying 'VIDEO ROLES' while a group listens attentively, seated on couches in a cozy set up.
A group of smiling young adults standing in a studio with photography lighting equipment above them, exuding a creative and collaborative atmosphere.

That wraps up this week! Keep an eye out for our next plog, coming Friday, May 3rd!