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Welcome to Tellwell’s weekly Plog (photo-blog)!

We were a bunch of busy bees this week! We attended and spoke at several conferences, added a new member to the team, and had a farewell celebration for one of our own. So let’s dive into what we’ve been up to!

Meet Megan!

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new Project Manager Megan! As a project manager, she will lead client and design team communication, track project timelines, and be the eyes and ears on all design client plans.

On Tuesday, the team had their first Team Lunch with Megan, along with several meetings throughout the week. Overall, a great first week in our books! We are so excited to have her on our team!

Farewell, Mindy!

This week, we said farewell to Account Manager Mindy. She has been with Tellwell for over 5 years, and what a great 5 years it’s been!

At a team lunch on Thursday, we went around the table and shared our favorite Mindy memories. Her smile and sense of humor will be greatly missed around the office, so being able to share and reminisce on her time with Tellwell was fun for us all!

We’re going to miss having Mindy around, but we are wishing her good luck on her move and we are all so excited to meet baby #3!

Film team attends IDA conference

The film team took a break from the office for some educational development here in Fargo!

They were given the opportunity to virtually attend the International Documentary Association’s “Getting Real ’24” conference, learning about everything from the advancement of AI within the film industry, how to work with brands, a Skill Share about character development in filmmaking, and even a photo adventure for a fun break midday! Here at Tellwell, we are big advocates for continued learning and we are excited to see how these takeaways will be applied to our film process.

Along with many team discussions and lunch downtown, the film team had a great day absorbing information and strengthening bonds!

NDPC Conference

This week, Content Specialist KJ had the opportunity to present at the North Dakota Professional Communicators conference! This event was all about crafting your communication legacy.

As a featured speaker, KJ focused on talking about the word “accessibility” through the lens of disability and how we can cultivate inclusivity within our work. Seeing how engaged the audience was for the topic was so fulfilling!

Tellwell also had a booth at the event, supervised by our Chief of Staff Annie. We leaned into the camping-aesthetic, because the best stories are always told around the campfire!

NDSU Leadership Institute

Last weekend, Chief of Staff Annie had the opportunity to be the opening keynote speaker for the annual NDSU Leadership Institute! This event invites students in leadership positions such as student life and student government, offering them a chance to learn and grow.

Annie focused her talk around the question “what can I contribute,” teaching them that the most important thing they can do is be who they are with what they have, connect leadership to their personal values, and applying it to what they are passionate about.

As an added bonus, the audience even laughed at Annie’s jokes, which is no surprise to us because she is one of the punniest people at Tellwell!

Another successful and exciting week for all of us! Keep an eye out for our next plog on April 26th!